Sunday, July 26, 2015

Two Hundred And Seventy Degrees

Our budget motel in Delta had no toast bar so we rolled down the broad street to the local café for breakfast. Parking right in front of the establishment everyone could see by our bikes plates that we were from Alaska.
Just aboot everywhere we have stopped  being from Alaska and on motorbikes is huge. Most everyone wants to know how long it took to get to where we are when we are being asked…This is a tough question, especially since we didn’t just ride from home to Delta Utah, and our bikes stay in Arizona and California. Relying on past experience we reply that it takes aboot a week to ride out, through Canada, the weather can be wet, the roads slippery, and you are required to eat at least one plate of Poutine.  before leaving Canada.
French Fries, Gravy & Cheese. Poutine
Some change their minds aboot going north after hearing aboot eating Poutine, but most still want to see the north, visit Alaska. Wild country, a sustainable environment is our biggest draw, and we are doing everything we can to make Alaska look just like Delta Utah, well except for the very wide streets…
Motorway Commercial
I can hardly wait For" Billboard Blight" to enter the north.

Highway 50 west out of Delta, into the great basin. A gas stop in Ely, then back on the road. Thunder clouds threaten on the way to Eureka, and we ride through a stretch of wet pavement.
Eureka Court House
Lunch in Eureka at a cafe with a bar casino on one side. The stink of cigarette smoke drifts into the café, we ask our waitress to close the accordion door between the bar and us. She does and it helps a little, but how awful for the young Nevadans that work in the bars and casino’s, second hand smoke is deadly…
Some more wet pavement after lunch but we miss all the showers. Pure of heart mostly once again keeps us dry.

Into Austin Nevada for the night, at one of the better places we have stayed on this journey. Union Street Lodging. Check it out if you ever need to spend the night in Austin Nevada.
 We hiked up and down the hills of Austin then discovered the path to the Stokes_Castle 

Stokes Castle Austin Nevada
Highway 50 through Nevada is called the loneliest road, and it just might be but for crossing Nevada on motorbikes it is the only way to go...
The View From The Castle

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