Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Please Ride The Highlighted Route

With just a dated central and western United States Rand McNally road map,  several free state maps from visitors centers,   two HOG touring handbooks a couple of highlight pens, a small magnifying glass,  and a Zumo trickster gps of the wolf clan we have managed to  meet up in rural Utah, traveled east to the Mississippi river, west now  to Austin Nevada, and have done it on mostly two lane highways. Not a bad run at all on the Highlighted Route
Our hostess at Union Street Lodging Union Street Lodging makes us a wonderful breakfast of chicken eggs and thick tasty bacon. Only one other guest joins us, he says his family is still sleeping as they came in last night, but I suspect they could have been scared off by my pajamas as I was taking this photo last night as they pulled in.  Oh well, more bacon for us….

Union Street B & B's Garden After Dark

Yesterday in Eureka a couple of east bound riders from Alberta suggested we take  the original highway 50 route out of Austin, highway 722. I pass the junction but quickly get turned around and we are off on a new section of road, which runs just a bit south of the modern highway 50.

Rain clouds up a head are unavoidable. Now is the  time to break out the rain gear. We ride through some hills and canyons, with light rain.  Two wild horses are spotted but they do not what their photos taken and flee as I slow down.

Back up on 50 we pick up the pace as we are meeting a friend for lunch in Silver Springs. We race by Sand Mountain but get slowed down in Fallon. It all works out as we pull into the parking lot at the same time.
Silver Springs
It is good to see our pal again, the food is ok, but the place stinks of cigarettes. Note to self-next time visiting Nevada…Don’t until they ban smoking.
No rain gear needed after lunch, as we are heading south west, and the storms some classified as severe have moved north.

We head into California, into the Sierra Nevada my old home turf, and end up in Markleeville. Grover Hot Springs  are still here and still hot. . We get to the park in time for a nice soak and a hike amongst the forest to dry off.



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