Saturday, July 25, 2015

Navigation Errors

Every evening we lay out the maps and have a navigation meeting. This is a serious event,  planning the next day’s ride. Our general course is west, with a goal of ending up in San Francisco.
Tonight we are in Rock Springs Wyoming, trying to get to Delta Utah because it is rumored that Delta is a small town with large streets, and we want to see it for ourselves.

The problem is once you get off 191 there is no good route to take to Delta without riding on the dreaded I 15.
Gas Stop No More

We fill up and head out on I 80 for Green River, for a stop at the motor company’s outpost there.

The crew at the shop is friendly, with a good supply of t shirts, poker chips and even the forgotten aboot dip dots. We do not need service and the service department is closed anyway, but the dealer has a technician on duty just in case any travelers come in for service. What a concept, a Harley Davidson dealer concerned aboot motorcycle service for travelers.

When we were east bound we traveled on the east side of Flaming gorge reservoir  , so today we decided to travel on the west side. A fellow at the shop said the east  side was more scenic but I believe he was wrong, as we discovered the real reason John Wesley Powell named it Flaming gorge way back in 1869 when he traveled the Green River.

The Red Rocks Where The Green River Once Flowed

After the gorge we stay on highway 191 until almost Price. We need to go west but the roads go north, until we hit highway 6.  When it starts to  look like a direct run to the interstate we divert onto 96, into a tiny town with a huge coal mine, and over $4.00 gas. Its then over some more 8000 foot passes, where much to our delight across the canyon we spot a golden black bear sow with two cubs.
Utah Black Bear And One Of Her Cubs

We came out of the mountains into farm land, and  a threating thunder storm. Geared up and finally heading directly towards Delta. When we arrive we find that the streets are indeed wide enough to land an airliner on.
Wide Streets Of Delta Utah
Beyond the hump is the great basin, highway 50 across Nevada. No chance of taking the wrong road there?








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