Wednesday, July 22, 2015

One Egg Cafe

Finding decent lodging this trip has at times been a challenge.  After being traumatized by the afoul room in Sioux Falls we have been looking at the reviews before booking at least a night out, because these little towns fill up in the summer.

We found an ok place for the night in Belle Fourche at the  Ace Motel  It was a bit over priced for what it was and the wi fi connection was poor at best. The other guests were nice and we all spent time around the picnic table telling tales of the road…

Staying in Belle Fourche put us in position for a nice scenic ride to the tower. Devils Tower

Devils Tower

We spent some time at the tower, taking the path around it, taking lots of photos, watching other visitors harass a snake.  Checking out the visitor center,  and  even shooting the prairie dogs.

Just Cross That Line Tourist

And of course getting some ice cream at the store just outside the park. Because 7 days without Ice Cream will make you week....

Since we wanted to spend time in the park we had called ahead to Buffalo Wyoming for lodging. The first three we called were full. After checking more reviews we found the Roadaway.

The reviews looked good the fellow on the phone was nice, and there was a room. We booked it.

When we arrived the same fellow from the phone was at the desk. He said the room had been a smoking room, but they had removed the carpet, installed wood flooring, and had an ozone machine in the room right now even further cleaning the air. He said lets go take a look. We did. They had fans, this ozone machine, air conditioners, and even the village soothsayer chanting ancient Hindu mantras, and waving chicken wings.
The room was ok. The soothsayer left on a Vincent 52 and we took the room, but passed on the chicken wings.
Vincent 52
We found out later why all the hotels were full, it was Longmire days, and there was a huge celebration going on. The town’s Main Street had been closed and bands were at either end. At the far end a metal band and at the end we were at a country band with a pedal steel guitar. We listened to the country band and then went back to our room to Google Longmire days and find out just what this celebration that had caused us to end up with a hotel room that had been ozoned and soothsayed was all aboot…
While studying Longmire  days  on line we found out that a pal from Alaska was helping one of his pals move to Colorado and we all decided to meet for breakfast at the Busy Bee Café. The hotel even had a shuttle to the restaurant, which we took, but decided to walk back to the bikes…

Hotel Shuttle -Dog Was A Ok Driver But Wanted To Lick You Or Put Nose Prints On Windows

Breakfast was great, it was great to see our pals and it wasn’t long before we were on the road south and west bound for a day of navigation errors….

Didn't We Just Go By That Barn?

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