Thursday, April 9, 2015

Why Ajo?

 We took a run through Death Valley just so Dewy could have a look at it, and I got my senior park pass at the Furnace Creek Visitors center. If you are over 62 you and don’t have your senior park pass you need to go there and get one too.
Some Of The Sights In The Ghost Town Of Rhyolite Nevada
 The wind was blowing pretty strong and we watched a large dome tent be crushed by the gusts only to spring back for another hit. we headed for Scotty’s Castle and Beatty Nevada, and I didn't think the warm wind was bothering us much until we were almost to Beatty and never saw the Castle. Oh well the wind  just blew us off course. 

We spent the rest of the day wondering around the old ghost town of Rhyolite Nevada

Albert Szukalski Sculpture In Rhyolite
And the evening wandering around Beatty Nevada. Beatty is not quite a ghost town but might have tried to be one. Stay out of the dusty smoky Antique store on highway 95 but do check out the food at K C Outpost) They do real food here, with fresh ingredients, bake their own bread, and give you a slice of cake with your meal. They were not open for breakfast but Gems Cafe  is. This small food craft outlet actually had espresso, and they knew how to make an Americano.

Old Road Building Equipment Might Still Be In Use In The North?

It was a long grind in more wind to get near Phoenix and another mornings interstate ride in city traffic to get to the Pima Air and Space Museum in Tucson.
Ready For Takeoff
When I was in the neighborhood last year we spotted the mothballed planes, but did not know aboot the museum. This year we did.
We only had a few hours since the museum closes at 5, but three days would not be enough time to explore this place. If you enjoy aircraft plan a ride here.

This aircraft went to Antarctica, and all I got was 17 foot seas

The museum gives bus tours through the parked aircraft at next door Davis-Monthan Air force base, and so we boarded another bus for the ride.
Some of the planes at Davis Monthan are in storage, some are used for spare parts, some are made available to US allies, and others are scraped, and the materials recycled. Thousands of planes are here and our guide who spoke excellent English described the functions of several  military aircraft as our bus rolled slowly past.

Mothballed Military Aircraft At Davis-Monthan
They would not let us out of the bus to take pictures, when our tour buses going to have windows that open?
Rolling out of Tucson early morning. West bound on the Ajo highway.  It’s a solo run back to the City, and the bike is gonna be ready for service when I get there,  and my outside time is getting short….

Lockheed Constellation One Of The Coolest Looking Planes Ever





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