Monday, April 6, 2015

Pelted By Pebbles

I did the unthinkable leaving the Bay Area this morning…Yes I geared up for the cooler coastal riding and it worked I did not get cold at all. Fueling up in Hollister I switched to lighter gloves, and headed south on the Airline Highway, then continued on the Petroleum Highway. It was a pleasant day of riding but I kept mostly geared up all the way to the meet up city, the Mecca of California…Barstow.

The traffic slowed down Peppermint and our pal from Yukon Dewey but everyone got in. In the morning we decided to check out the Barstow route 66 museum, and the railroad museum. Both museums were free. Diehard rail fans would most likely prefer the railroad museum.
On Static Display UP 9950
But I preferred the route 66 side, mainly because the collection was diverse.
Display photograph, but this fellow really looks like he drove Route 66
We all had motorcycles in the parking lot, and the sun was shining we figured what the heck. Let’s go for a ride.
We headed east out of Barstow, heading for the remaining parts of Route 66. Heading to Amboy.
Poising On Route 66

Amboy before the interstate bypassed the town was a pretty major stopping place on the old Route 66. About all that is left open are the gas pumps, and toilets at Roy’s.
Amboy Roy's

Hollywood movies have and still are shot at here, and maybe someday the place may be restored, and the motel open for guests but that is a long way off. The fellow working the counter and pumps today said an artist from Switzerland was flown in to do some work in the old motel units.

Spare Parts Mobil

Secured Rocks
 Some very interesting stuff in the old motel rooms

Indecision was still the order of the day, in fact if there was a roundabout I think we would have just road round and round.
The fellow at Roy’s said the road through Mojave National Monument was very boring, only a train depot to see, but north we went through the monument and he was very wrong.
The road was mostly smooth but the desert scenery was wonderful, and the depot at Kelso is serving as the park visitors center and is a beautiful example of Spanish, California, Art Deco style

Union Pacific Depot At Kelso California
Ahh discovery in the desert. It was getting late and we headed for another California hot spot Baker.
Even though Baker is on the interstate the town looks like it has been bypassed. Gas and fast food establishments were all over, but the older motels have been closed for years. We found the only open lodging in town Wills Fargo, no relation to the bank. The hotel was old, but clean.  
In spite of all the fast food restaurants we headed for the Mad Greek and were treated to fresh salads, lean chicken, and a decadent milk shake that I only viewed. The food was good and the Mad Greek is the best thing in town. Second is the Alien Fresh Jerky Store. But Bakers largest landmark is the worlds largest thermometer. Come and see it at night. The temperature isn't as high, but it's  lit up...

Worlds Largest Thermometer Baker California 

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  1. Amazing how it works where one person can boring, another can find beauty.