Sunday, April 12, 2015

Going Back In

It was a good ride back to the bay from Tucson. The first day I made longer, and had more grinding along on major interstate highways mostly  10 and 40

But it was cooler in the morning when I left, Tucson,  and traveling west it never really got warm like it was yesterday, and by the time I rolled into Tehachapi hotel the air temperature was way down around 40f.

Having not been in proximity to temperatures where water would actually freeze outside  when I saw the ice on the car windows and on my bikes seat in the morning  I had to ask one of the other hotel occupants “Is it really as cold as winter here?” Yes was the reply.

The ride over 4000 foot Tehachapi was just like riding at home. All geared up, and surrounded by cold air.
Hard To Find A Good  Place To Eat Around Here

Just to make sure it was a good ride through Bakersfield I put some Buck Owens on the stereo. Traffic was light on highway 58, and the traffic on 99 was moving along like everyone knew where they were going….Even me. . A  slip road back to 58 west.  One or two signals, mostly red. Past the Costco, and the gas station that advertises the sale of diesel, and liquor, together on a roadside sign.
With Bakersfield mostly in the mirror I was heading west out into the oil fields. I knew I was on course when I turned onto Standard Road 7.

Skillfully avoiding Brown Material Road was no easy task, and I knew I was on the final leg to highway 33 when I turned on Main Drain Road.

Highway 33 the Petroleum  highway to 25 the Airline highway. No traffic at all. Every time I ride this road it amazes me that I have the entire place to myself.

Herbivores  Checking Me Out

It a peaceful ride all the way to Hollister, then 101 north through Gilroy
Gilroy Drive A Little And Save A Lot, and just like that back to the Bay Area

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