Saturday, April 4, 2015

Away From The Sea

 The last prison bus ride took us from the pier in San Pedro to LAX. There was no on board guide with a loud speaker explaining the local history, and points of interest. The bus was silent as we rode towards the airport We were on our own and everyone knew it.

Welcome To A Foggy Smoggy LA

I really do not know if the traffic on this LA freeway is light or heavy this morning, but it is more orderly than traffic in Peru, or Buenos Aires. The driver somehow knows where everyone is going and announces that there are no passengers for terminal 1 so we will stop at terminal 2 and the international terminal. I have a ticket on Virgin Airline, but have no idea witch terminal they might be in and then I then wonder if I am traveling on Virgin American, Virgin Atlantic, or extra Virgin.

Heavy Traffic?

Crowded into the jetliner for the short fright to The City. Somehow I ended up with a window seat. The fellow on the isle never says a word the entire run, but looks envious at my LAN lone ranger mask with no eyes.
Back to reality in California, one of the first things I notice is sirens. There were no sirens on the ship but here the fire station is nearby and there are lots of sirens. 

The second thing I notice is I have to provide my own transportation, I have a motorcycle right here so that is no problem, and except the last thing I rode was a scoter on Isle de Pascal.

The gas tank is full and the gear is loaded on south east bound now away from the sea, heading to that mecca of California Barstow to meet up with Peppermint for another adventure…

Wind Generators And The Train On The Way To Barstow

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