Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Oddities At Sea

At our last port of call Cabo San Lucas we had another long bus ride. This time it was a small bus. We had been warned that drivers here drive very fast and our small bus driver  was no exception, pushing the 90 km speed limit way up past 120 kmph.

Our destination  was Cabo Adventures for a ride on a zip line that turned out to be the best  zip line I have ever been on.

The Cabo Adventures zip is   several fast zips, then a traverse on a wire, a repel  down a rock face, one swinging  bridge, a upside down zip and one long long run to the end.  

The Rocks Of Cabo

Back on board we watched the coast line of Baja California pass by as we foraged for lunch in the buffet line.

One passenger was having a  heated word with the on duty tall hat sous chef. He was upset that there was no Mexican food on the menu, in Mexico. I really wanted to ask him how he liked the corned beef and cabbage that we didn’t have on St. Patrick’s Day, but I didn’t.

Ice Cream Anyone?
You can’t make all the people happy all of the time but some of the practices on this ship besides being ridiculous  and lazy, are just down right Oddities at sea.
Change machines that didn’t work in the laundries were the first tip off that convenience for the passengers was really not that important, and then not having a working toilet for cabins on several decks including ours for 18 hours combined with several closed public restrooms, really made you wonder if this voyage was going to be survivable.

Little things like going to the gym in the morning to use a treadmill only to find that ½ of the treadmills couldn’t be used until 8:00 am. Walking on the open decks 7 and 15 only to find the bow closed at dark or sometimes just because someone forgot to take down the closed sign.  Taking a nice evening soak in the adult’s only pool area only to be chased out because the hot tubs are closed at 9 pm, but the pools never close.
Might Be In The Hot Tubs After Dark
Smelling popcorn popping, and seeing the fellow filling bags of the stuff, and then asking for a bag only to be told you can’t have any until the film starts is just as rude and un professional as having the coffee shop soda jerk put shots in my cup without any water, substitute  one drink for another and toss my card back to me.
All Aboard
I could go on aboot being pelted with embers flying out of the incinerator, but one should only be at the bar after 10 and not on deck, besides  Princess is environmental conscious and pollution of the seas just goes along with riding on the Magnificent Golden Princess, where the crew is home and passengers are a necessary inconvenience.

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