Sunday, March 29, 2015

I Can See Mexico From Starboard

The people with gps’s say we are either 40 or 50 miles off the west coast of Mexico
At noon today the officer of the watch announced we were 50 miles south of Acampo      Mexico, we were rolling along at 18.5 knots and there was 3000 feet of water under the keel.

Big Water Little Boat 50 Miles Offshore

Lots of small dolphins and turtles were spotted today, and our neighbor Wilson got a great shot of a sward  fish.

Today one of our last days at sea we did the Ultimate Ship Tour. It wasn’t free you had to pay, but we got to go into the bowels of the ship.

The tour started off in the medical center, and then to the back stage area of the theater. Both were interesting and modern. Next it was out to where the anchors and mooring ropes are kept, then it was down to the laundry.
The laundry is not the place you want to work. The ceilings are low, it is hot, and huge machines are washing, drying, and folding everything that is worn, slept on, or used to dry your body.

On spacious  decks below the water line is where all the food is stored, the vegies sliced, and slabs of meat are cut.
You get a newsletter everyday on this ship and down here is where the print shop is, and next door is where they print all the photos. Most of all that paper ends up being burned in the incinerator, what a  a inexcusable amount of waste and pollution. They didn’t show us the waste water treatment plant

Back up to the surface, we saw the engine control room, and then all the way to the top to see the room where the drivers ride, the bridge.

The tour was over by lunch time, and that was a good thing because you do not want to miss a meal when you are so far off shore

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