Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A Grebe A Goose And A Gull

Its aboot time to put the southern bike up for the summer, and since I didn’t get the opportunity to get service at Arrowhead in Arizona I decided to ride up to South City, to Dudley Perkins to see if they could get the bike in today or tomorrow.

The ride north was all on major three number highways, but I missed the morning commute so traffic was at Acceptable levels and moving along, at aboot 85 mph because that 65 mph sign just can’t be for real. Right?  The lingering fog made the run cooler than I had anticipated and no heated grips on this bike mean cold hands.

 Guano Cormorant Is On The Near Threatened List

The service manager said he could get my bike right in (this never happens at home) and it would be ready soon. (That never happens at home either)
On the road usually when you get your ride serviced you hang out at the dealer, drink bad coffee made worse by the large container of powdered cream that is really drywall paste, or possibly dehydrated guano from blue footed boobies?

The Elusive and Highly Photogenic Blue Boobie

You can do all that here at Dudley Perking and even swap riding stories and smoke cigars with other riders or you can go check out the paved Bay Trail that runs along the remains of Colma Creek.
Wildlife At Work Along Colma Creek
The path and creek wind through an industrial area of South San Francisco. Wild flowers dill weed, and close to the water is the bays infamous Pickle Weed. I pass several other walkers and a few birds, everything seems to be enjoying the morning, and I almost forgot aboot the bike when the phone rang. It was Irish the service manager my bike was ready. Bummer I never made it to the end of the path.

I wondered back to the dealer through the industrial area, and back at the shop I still had time to shop, and swap some riding stories. I avoided the coffee…

Belcher's gull


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