Thursday, March 26, 2015

We Are All In The Same Boat

The sun was setting as the ship pulled out of Callao. Out past the breakwater where the ship slowed to let the pilot get off the sky was already dark..
Sunset on the Pacific
We watched the lights  of Callao and Lima get further away. The South America trip was over. The ship was heading out to sea for a three day run  north, destination   Central America, Puntarenas  Costa Rico.
Big Water Little Boat
On our second day at sea we crossed the equator. The sea was flat, no wind at all, it was like riding on a lake. Searching the ocean for the elusive   Blue Footed Boobie I spotted a pod of dolphins early in the day,
Showing Off For The Ship
Being so far off shore there were not any birds at all, aboot the only thing we spotted on the entire three day run, were the occasional pod of dolphins, and trash, plastic water bottles, paper cups, a banana peal…
Surfing Tern
Tuesday morning right on schedule we docked at Puntarenas Costa Rico. I could smell the town before I even looked out the window. It wasn’t a bad smell, just a different odor, of wood smoke, vehicle exhaust, and fog all mixed together.
In Puntarenas we got off the ship and onto a small bus that took us to the canopy jip line. Along the way they stopped to bus so we could see the white face monkeys..

The monkeys looked at us as we looked at them. The zip line was well done, and very safe, two of the runs must have been ½ mile long. We were back at the ship by 1:00 and actually had time to walk into town and wander around for a while, before sailing for San Juan Del Sur Nicaragua.
I had no idea that Nicaragua was even politically stable enough for tourist visits, but off we went in a bus for an all-day ride to see some Volcanoes, lunch, and unscheduled toilet breaks.
Over 50% of Nicaragua’s electricity comes from renewable sources, like geothermal, wind, and hydro. That is a incredible amount considering in the us that number is 30% or less. But the country is poor. All along the roads we went on were very humble dwellings, usually with cows, chickens ,and goats in the yard. Horse drawn carts are still on the roads and I can only speculate but the level of poverty, and a scant middle class  here is the global dream of the republicans back home.
Another three day run to our last port of call and then I will have to remember how to ride a motorcycle…

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