Friday, February 27, 2015

On The Streets Of Buenos Aires

We rode the big double decker topless tourist bus the other day. 300. Pecos each and you could get off and on at 20 or so stops. It was a good way to get out and see another part of the city. We rode out into uncharted territory to the transfer stop 17. At the transfer stop we boarded the blue line bus for an excursion deeper into unknown territory…

Planetario Galileo Galilei
We went around football stadiums, another airport, through neighborhoods, out to the ocean, and then back to stop 17.
Regular Buenos Aires Commuter Trains

What we didn’t know was that the transfer stop wasn’t going to be used this day after 12:00. Maybe the announcement was made in Spanish or not,  but we ended up waiting for longer than we should have before walking to stop 16 and catching the yellow line bus back to the more interesting part of the city.

We rode through the gridlock traffic out to the Boca district, known for its colorful buildings. What we found was basically a tourist trap made busier because a cruise ship was in port

Boca Garage Open Late
Even lunch this day turned out to be not a very good choice, and was probable the worst food so far on this trip. We finally got back to our 4 star (from a far and distant galaxy) hotel tired, and crabby…

Buenos Aires has a Harley Davidson shop and we had to go there. We figured it was aboot 28 km away. Way further than we could walk, and way further then even the blue line tourist bus took us past stop 17.

Morning Produce Delivery
Our best option was to take a cab, except rumors are cabs can be scarier. We had the hotel desk call the cab, and then had the door man explain were we wanted to go. He arraigned the price, and off we went with Juan Carlos, Buenos Aires Cab Driver.
Argentina’s don’t exactly drive like Laskans do, and that is a good thing because if they did the carnage of wrecked vehicles would make the roads impassable. Argentineans, share the road, literally all parts of it. Juan weaved in and out of traffic, splitting the lane going around other vehicles, but also letting other vehicles into traffic. It was an amazing ride that took longer than it should because Juan had no idea where we were going. At one traffic light a fellow on a motorbike pulled alongside. Juan asked me for the paper with the address on it and asked the rider for directions.

Door Of The Day
A few more blocks and Juan was sure we were headed in the right direction but then stopped to ask a fellow on the sidewalk directions. A U turn in traffic and before we knew it we were at the Motor Company store.

Cool Has The Same Vance & Hines As Me
The shop was nice, and new. They had a few bikes, but because of a trade embargo they cannot import any new bikes. We only wanted t shirts and poker chips, but all we got was shirts and pins…
The staff made us coffee, and it was a great time visiting with fellow riders.

When we were ready to leave, they called us a car told the driver where we were going arranged the price, and this time we came back to town on the Pan American Highway, and the driver took us right to our next destination cemetery La Recoleta

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