Thursday, February 26, 2015

Off The Hook

Not having telephones for a couple of weeks now I thought I would stop into the local Apple store and see what fancy new phones they have here in Argentina…

 Antique Phone Collection
South America is wired. I have had better internet access on Isle de Pascal, and here in Buenos Aries than I have had traveling across America.
Electricity is another story. I knew before I left home that electrical power was different voltage and frequency here. I picked up an adaptor, which worked fine for charging computers and camera batteries on Isle de Pascal.
For some reason the adaptor transformer and surge suppresser did not like the power at all in Buenos Aires and our first night here after smelling something electrical getting hot I un plugged the thing and when I plugged it back in I managed open a circuit breaker.
The front desk responded quickly, and had the breaker closed again, and our lights back on. The surge suppressor didn’t work anymore but the transformer adaptor was ok with just charging one computer at a time, and I wasn’t sure if it would charge the camera batteries.

The next morning we set out exploring and seeking another power adaptor so we could have some charging options.

Luckily we stumbled upon a small office supply store where the owner’s English skills were as bad as our Spanish skills. We did speak the universal language of consumers in need, and after some sign language the owner produced a box full of power adaptors that were only a few hundred Pecos each.

The adaptors are working great. One for each computer and the one we brought from home is charging camera batteries.



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