Saturday, February 28, 2015

Cemetery La Recoleta

 Our driver dropped us off in Recoleta just down the hill from the famous cemetery.
Recoleta is the resting place for many presidents, Nobel prize winners, a granddaughter of napoleon, and one of my personal hero’s  Eva Peron.
Several  acres of above ground over the top elaborate ornate mausoleums make up the tombs of the cemetery. If you are dead Recoleta is where you want to be.


Right in the middle of all the noise, the  hustle and bustle of Buenos Aires, and the other tourists wandering around photographing the tombs, and peeking in the windows  the cemetery is remarkably quite.

Eva Peron’s remains are here in Recoleta. She died of cancer in 1952 but because the government of her husband Juan Peron was overthrown by the military in 1953 she wasn’t buried here until 1974. Perhaps only Lincoln traveled more after death than Eva…

Eva Peron's Tomb
One could spend an eternity wandering amongst the graves, photographing but lunch was becoming increasingly important.

I found the mausoleums that were decaying very interesting to photograph
We found an outdoor café across the boulevard  from the cemetery, and were not disappointed in the cuisine
Walking back  to our 4 star from a distant galaxy hotel  we got turned around in the Plaza San Martin and ended up going the wrong way for a few blocks…

 Plaza San Martin
Trying to get back on the street we needed to be on we stumbled on soldiers dressed in antique military costumes lowering the flag.


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