Wednesday, February 25, 2015

No entiendo

With only a minimal understanding of Spanish we have made our way from Isle De Pascal, through Chili. Through Peru, and now here in Buenos Aires Argentina. I should have paid better attention to High School Spanish, but really the language difference hasn’t been a problem.

Figuring out the money especially in Chile where the Pesos have way more zeros that seem necessary, was a bit of a challenge, but here in Argentina  it is simpler with 2, 10, 20, and 100 pesos notes, and ATM’s are just aboot everywhere so when you run out you just go get more.
Chilean Pecos
$1.0 U.S.  Dollar = 619. Chilean Pecos

$ 1.0 U.S. Dollar = 8.68 Argentina Pecos.
Not a bad exchange rate…

Our hotel the Esplendor is right down town Buenos Aires in an old concrete building, with modern amenities. The lobby is on the street level, and our room is one floor up. To use the lift you have to insert your door card into a card reader in the lift, you push the button the doors close and the car speaks to you and says “Be Benito” I think it means safe travels. It is easier to use the stairs.
Street Bob Bike On A Busy Street
We have been walking everywhere here in Buenos Aries the city is huge, and the traffic is intense. Bikes and scooters split lanes and weave around slow moving cars and busses. The ballet of traffic is something to see, especially coming from Anchorage where this much maneuvering traffic would result in carnage on every corner.
Still On The Road Because It's Name Is Dodge?
Trucks of all sizes move amongst all the other vehicles, add some heat and humidity and the air here is almost poison..But no one seems to pay it any mind.
A Pint of Stella Put A Smile On This Fellows Face

Old buildings with style, grace the skyline in every direction, and the doors are works of art…

Grand Entry
Other works of art are easily found also
Street Art

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