Monday, March 2, 2015

4 Star In A Distant Galaxy

For our last full day in the city we walked over to Theato Colon. The home of the symphony orchestra and opera here in Buenos Aires 
Concrete Sofa and Foot Stool Found All Around The City

The theater construction stopped and started many times because of scandals, and murders. The original theater opened in 1857, and was outdated by the end of that century . Again after 20 years of scandles and Argentina politics,  the present theater opened in 1908.

Theato Colon
Peppermints friend of a friend who lives here in Buenos Aires, which because of the big book of face we connected with,  plays the harp in this very theater. She even  took us to the opening outdoor concert, and then coffee and desserts…
Back at our Hotel. The 4 star from a distant Galaxy, it was time to think aboot packing and to finally check out the bidet
What fun it was to play with the water. The device has great pressure as we got water almost to the ceiling.

Our 4 star hotel has been ok. The internet worked very well all the time. The staff was helpful especially when we ventured off in a taxi. And the breakfast toast bar had real  scrambled chicken eggs, some fruit, and the usual sweet treats, but no ketchup or tobasco, or even ½  & ½ for your coffee. Total uncivilized, and the drinks in the refrigerator, and the nuts on the counter they never replaced, or maybe it was stuff other guests left. We carried on the tradition and left some cheese we didn’t finish and ½ of a banana

Someone Threw Away A Human

Our ship is in port and Saturday we move from boots on the ground freedom to being cruise ship passengers…



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