Sunday, January 25, 2015

What Are The Odds?

Part 1

We rented a  white Toyota the other day, filled it up with cheap gas and headed south. Our destination  for today is Santa Barbara.

Normally when riding out of the city I am headed east and  I turn off the 101 at Hollister but today sitting  in the passenger seat we cruise down the 101  Salinas, Gonzales, Soledad, all major agricultural towns, growing the vegetables, and fruits, we eat with less and less water…And more and more appetite’s.

Rolling into Santa Maria for some lunch, fuel for our white car with brake’s we found out shutter and shake the car when applied... and our first thrift store.

The Roadside Gardens of Mission Thrift
This Santa Maria  thrift store is so clean that it doesn’t even smell like a thrift store.
The others are looking for bargains I am shooting thrift store treasures.
Solar Power Rider
This little rider peddles away powered by the sun or in this case the light behind the glass. I should have bought this piece, but was content with a snapshot at the time.
A little deeper into town  we stop at another second hand store. This one smells like a thrift store, and once again I look for treasures to shoot.

 I almost considered buying the all iron 1960's era slide projector but what finally caught my eye was this pendulum last supper clock...
Last Supper  Guillotine Clock
The two headless apostles tell the sad story of what happens when you try to eat and run, and add even more questions to the christian myth, or explain  the Legend of Sleepy Hollow?

 Santa Barbra is delightful. Its architecture and lack of chain stores could be California at its best  and the thrift stores are very upscale, but do smell like thrift stores.
Authentic Wayne Rider Surfboard

The restaurants are grand, the downtown vibrant and the entire town is so clean that even public art is tiding things up…
Metal Window Washer
To Be continued 

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