Tuesday, January 27, 2015

What Are The Odds (part 2)

It has been decided that we are going to Palm Springs. None of us have ever been there, we know people there and have heard good things aboot the place, so after bidding Tula farewell we hit the road…
South of Santa Barbra the coast just might be aboot the most scenic in the entire state. Sandy beaches framed by tall palm trees. Just a few miles off shore are the  Channel Islands. A  National Park  that I have never visited, but would like to.
Between the islands and the shore  sit several offshore oil pumping platforms. I have no idea if they are, active or pumping oil or gas, but if the air gets any more full of all the emissions from burning oil, you won’t be able to see the platforms or the islands anymore…
After navigating around and avoiding Los Angles we start into the desert. Well we stopped for  lunch first  at the southern California landmark in and Out Burger.
Heading out into the desert we spot them
Having seen the California Gold TV show aboot the Dinosaurs and reading aboot them on Roadside America, I wanted to see them.
The massive concrete dinosaurs were built by Claude Bell who wanted to attract customers to his wheel in diner. Claude died in 1988 and his diner is closed, behind the sculptures is a goofy christian creationists flat would play land that  fortunately was closed.
With no ignorance to purchase we did the only thing that we could do and that was to head to the Cabazon Premium Outlet Stores…
Shopping Complete we headed into Palm Springs. It was Thursday evening and the downtown streets are closed for a giant First Friday that takes place every Thursday.
Art, crafts, food vendors, musicians, lights sounds, crowds…and outside chess..
The tram is a must do when in the Springs

Palm Springs Tram
Hot tubs at the hotel. Mum’s 90 birthday, breakfast with pals. Palm Springs is all right!
We have to take the rental car into Los Angles and fly back to the bay. The drive on real LA Freeways is intense. 6 lanes of traffic more highways to the left, right, and overhead. Thousands of vehicles, burning thousands of gallons of oil and pumping out tons and tons of carbon, and no one paying any mind.
The last remaining functioning echo systems on the planet. Natural original salmon streams, un crowded open spaces. Wild animals. What we have in the north, in Alaska is worth more than all the gold and plastic in this totally human occupied destroyed part of the world.
Getting on the Fox rental car shuttle bus to the LAX terminal ,with us is a young couple from Anchorage. What are the odds of that and what are the odds that their small human will have a planet with a environment that supports human life?
Yukon and Klondike Rivers Wild Places Are Priceless

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  1. Always a fan of cat photos, but the dinosaurs are cool too. Love hearing about your adventures.