Saturday, January 17, 2015

In Search Of Angel

Real snow birds like Angel leave Alaska almost as soon as it starts getting dark. A plane ride south

A cab ride to the stored motor home. A stop at Costco, then a south bound road trip to a Mexican beach for the duration of winter.
That’s not a bad gig if you just can’t handle the misery of a northern winter.

But since I am pure of heart mostly I need a little cold, dark, snow, and ice just to keep me regular, but it was getting to be not so great

The other night under the cover of darkness I flew south to visit my California motorcycle.
Our sky carriage an older 737 300 still had the period  somewhat wider seats that had the remnants of a padding like substance, stuffed in them, but still  after sitting on that rigid chair  for 3 ½  hours, it  made most of my  body  numb. Flying numb on the red eye, well air travel just doesn’t get much better than that anymore.

 When I got home last spring I never took The California bikes fob out of my bag. The thing ended up going all the way to Sitka not on its motorcycle. It must have used up all of its energy looking for its bike because when it finally got to its bike, its battery was dead.

Fortunately   fob batteries are easy to come by round here, and it didn't take long to get back on two wheels, or to find interesting art...
That could be walking to a beach in Mexico

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