Saturday, January 31, 2015

Theme Song

Years ago when you saw someone walking down the street  alone talking to themselves you just figured they might have some mental health issues, but now a days people walk down the street alone everyday carrying on very important conversations all the time.
So this morning in the coffee shop I paid no mind to the fellow, sitting at another table who was having a very involved conversation, but I soon discovered he didn’t have a phone, and the cigarette package, and green lighter  he had on the table looked like it had been run over by a bus.

It  Could Be Vacant

Riding here on the crowded California freeways is a bit like having a very intense conversation with your motorcycle.

Returning on I 80 from the Easy Rider show in Sacramento traffic was moving at 80 mph almost all the way back to Berkley where the toll plaza for the Bay Bridge reduced the  high speed conveyer  belt of cars to a crawl. Splitting the lane until over the bridge was a very intense conversation.

California Scrub Jay

On the road to Stockton the other day, the road is 6 lane freeway to Livermore. What were they thinking when they named that town?

Soon I find two lane Vasco Road and head north through rolling hills topped with wind generators, unlike Alaska renewable green energy is everywhere here in California. Two lane highway 4 takes me right into town..
For the next few days its, Sunshine, Delta Biker bars, friends, food and chocolate birthday cake, could winter be any better than that?

Locke California

In the Delta the Levee roads offer some good riding but the real bidness of the Delta is Industrial Agriculture, and the water it needs to grow the crops. But cities full of people want that same water.
The snowpack in the Sierra is 30% of  normal for January, its not a drought its climate change caused by humans. But no one says that, it is almost like everyone is waiting for the fellow in the coffee shop to get a phone.  

So when I ride I sing aboot whatever comes into my head, or nose...

Deer's coyote's, hawks' cows, graze, wander, and fly all around,  but I haven't seen one live skunk...

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