Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Pacinian Sensors

Pacinian sensors are either the sensors in your fingers that when you are holding on to your handle bars, and can’t look down, tell your brain that the road is rough. Or maybe Pacinian sensors are what made the year old furnace in my home fail?
The reports from home say, the furnace that had issues running has been replaced by the contractor that put it in. The new one makes a whirring noise but the house is warm.
Contractors at Work
Since the sun is shining here I guess I will head west on California 84 and get a feel for the road…

Highway 84 gets curvy just west of Woodside, and on one of the first hard leans to the left I can tell right away that the floor board is dragging on the smooth road. A lean not so hard to the right and the city is behind me.
Don't Trip On The Fence Trespassing Here
Redwood forests give way to the open of the pacific coast. The tide is high, waves crashing against the rocks , and the ocean looks like it always has, but biologists  warn that the krill count is way down, and the level of oxygen is declining also…But no one seems to pay them any mind.
Out at Pigeon Point the light is still standing, but remains in disrepair.

Pigeon Point Light
At the end of the path I watch the sea for a bit, but spot no, seals or whales. Off on convict rock Cormorant dries its wings and Red Wing Blackbirds compete with Starlings all around the light.
Pigeon Point Light & Keepers Cabin
Plans are afoot to stabilize and restore the light, but California has other priorities, so the old light rusts away. With climate change taking its toll on the sea I am betting on the light outlasting the ocean….

Back over the coast range on the city side, the moon rises, and the street light makes everything glow yellow...

City Life

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