Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Must See

One of the must see attractions in Spokane besides the giant red wagon and the garbage sucking goat is the Bing Crosby Museum.

The Clock Tower And Wagon

Bing is one of the more famous graduates of Gonzaga University and so his museum is located on campus.
We had a few more thrift stores to visit and once that was done we pointed the Olds Rocket 88 in the direction of academia.

Big City Shopping
Bing’s museum has all the items one would expect. His pipe, his hat, numerous gold and platinum records, his Oscar for Going My Way and of course lots and lots white Christmas memorabilia. Several family pictures were displayed but no mention of David Crosby was to be found. I asked the student at the information desk why David was excluded, but the stern faced guard started giving us the look at his mention. . We left singing Find The Cost Of Freedom, and almost got to the last verse before our voices were drowned out by leaf blowers.

Leaf Herding 101

 This time of year here in eastern Washington, trees shedding leaves is huge. They cover the sidewalks, and the roads. The city uses tractors to clear the public spaces, and we used rakes and plastic bags to collect them from Poe’s   house.

This morning before it was time to ready for our frights home we took aboot 20 bags to the Spokane dump.
The Spokane dump unlike our landfill is a bio mas power plant that on average is supplying 16 megawatts. The plant is hardly green and annually pumps out 600,000,000 Pounds CO2 But bio mass is an alternative to gas or oil. It reduces waste by 65% and is alternative energy that is on line.

We could have alternative energy here in Alaska like very green geothermal except all the energy ideas here are owned by the oil companies and well we wouldn’t want to cut into their profits by doing something green, like reducing our oil and gas usage...
Plug in That Rubbish Tip

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