Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Who's Ass Is That?

In the morning at Karl’s he made us coffee. Good strong coffee. I had just a bit of Kaladi left and offered it up for the next pot.

 The sun was shining, we were all getting pretty buzzed on coffee. Someone suggested that we go ride our motorcycles. The consensus was “Well If We Have To”
Karl gave us the tour of the town, across London Bridge and out to the point where Robert McCulloch built a factory and used to test his chain saws and his boat motors.

I do not know how his boat motors worked out but the chain saws must have been very good as there aren’t any sizeable trees around except for the imported palms.

We posed  for photos at the London Bridge, and watched the Coots, Rock Pigeons  and Mallards take food from the tourists.

All of us were getting aboot as hungry as those pigeons, but we had some biker bidness to take care of at an independent bike shop that is just around the corner from the bridge.

This Bike Will Not Run Again

Once our bidness is taken care of at the shop we head north for route 66 and lunch at Topock This is a great place. You can get here by road or boat, and maybe the train if you don’t mind jumping into the river.
Colorado River At Topock Arizona

The food is excellent! The service is great. We dine on the patio, and enjoy ourselves, the view and everything, except the man with the forklift and its backup alarm..

After lunch we head for Oatman Arizona. Riding along on route 66 it is hard to imagine  that this sweet twisty almost vacant two lane road was ever the main east west highway. The most traffic we see is where construction workers are laying down fresh road snakes, and have one lane closed so we don’t get the nasty snake oil  all over us…Thank you road crew!

We pull into Oatman and find some fresh donkey crap to park on. The tourist lined up along the boardwalk want to know how long it took  us to ride from Alaska. Just a little longer than it took Dewey to ride from Yukon we tell them.

Now the thing to do in Oatman is feed the donkeys. As I buy my bag of donkey food the purveyor  tells me that if someone told her 40 years ago that she would be selling donkey food to tourists well she would have laughed. I tell her she could give me my bag for free if it makes her feel any better. She takes my $2.00

Is That The Same Child That Was Feeding The Pigeons At The Lake?

I now have a bag of pressed hay chunks, and almost before I can get a look in the bag I am surrounded by donkey’s Most wait for you to hold out your hand, and they will gently take the hay chunk, but the big white one try’s to take a bite out of the bottom of the bag. That one isn’t getting any more as far as I’m concerned.

After a bit getting a Ice Cream is more of a priority than the donkeys. The ice cream parlor just happens to be in the lobby of the once elegant hotel where Clark Gable and Carol Lombard might have spent the night. The sign in the lobby says they did but Carol's web site says no. . I do not know the truth but can only say that the place smelled like frying chicken or could it have been donkey…
Kiss This  Ass Goodbye?

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