Tuesday, April 1, 2014

In And Out

Since we did good at foot and hand our friend Spinner had to make us breakfast. We left Sun City with full bellies, and glad to have spent some time with our pals.
We are heading to Kingman to meet up with some riding pals. Dewy from Yukon. Chuck from Alaska, and Karl from Lake Havasu. The plan is to meet at the In & Out hamburger stand at high noon.
Order Number 7 Now Ready

We gas up in Wickenburg, roll through the round aboot and head north on highway 60/93. Nevada and Arizona are looking for federal money to turn this two lane highway into interstate 11 between Phoenix and Las Vegas. Gee don’t we have enough super highways already?
Highway 93 is called Arizona’s Joshua Tree Forest Scenic Parkway. It’s a great ride with a turn or two, parts of the highway are divided and some is even divided 4 lanes. Lots of Joshua trees are on both sides of the highway, and nothing can top Nothing.

 The Tiny Settlement of Nothing Arizona
The Wikipedia article on Nothing says the settlement got its name from a bunch of drunks. Sounds reasonable to me. I just wonder if the drunks from nothing had relatives back in gold rush Alaska days and had a part in naming Nome.

Not far and just north from Nothing is something.

Did Charles Schulz Winter Here?

Wikieup Arizona supposedly is the rattlesnake capital of Arizona, and that might be why Woodstock, Snoopy, Spike and a beagle I do not know, are rocketing  out of town.
To reach Kingman we have to run for a bit on Interstate 40 As soon as we get up to Interstate speed we are hit with some major crosswinds. It’s just like riding on Turnagain Arm except on the arm we don’t have tumbleweeds. Small medium and large tumbleweeds are coming at us. One skids across the road, and explodes as my front tire runs over it. I hit at least one more, and Peppermint has an encounter or two. At the In & Out we look over our bikes and discover pieces of tumbleweeds stuck in places where they have no business being.

Karl is next to show up at In & Out and after a while we go inside and order burgers, and fries. We are having a great time eating our food and ordering shakes, and coffee when the other two arrive. They order food and soon we are all sitting around a table telling stories, and eating our food. The staff loves us and brings refills of soda, and water. Everyone else in the place moves away from us. Well no table service for them…

We run over to the dealer since Peppermint and I haven’t bought t shirts or trinkets in a day or two, then we ride over to some relations of Chucks so that he can fix up his granddaughters Sportster.

This Bike Will Run Again!

The fellows work on the bike for a while, but the bikes notorious  fob can’t be found, and Chuck runs off to find another part. Several people come and go. Some try to teach us how to smoke cigarettes, and drink beer, but we are not good students…
Sorry Monty I Do Not Want What Is In The Box
After a while we head to Karl’s at Lake Havasu for the evening. Dinner is pizza, ice cream, and lots of talk aboot riding motorcycles. Aha life on the road is good…


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