Friday, April 4, 2014

The Trouble With Angels

There we were in Oatman all five of us having a good time, feeding the asses, and eating ice cream when our leader, the man with a plan, Karl from Lake Havasu said he had to go because he had family coming to visit.
We watched him ride away. (His bike sounds real good with the new pipes he put on it.)  Then  we walked up the hill to the end of town realizing that we did not have a plan for the rest of the day, and now leaderless we would have to fend for ourselves.

I suggested we just stay in Oatman and let the tourists feed us like they do the donkeys. Chuck said he didn’t think we could survive on the chunks of hay, and then Peppermint reminded me that the donkeys were hairy and smelly. Non of us wanted that. We may be bikers but we have our standards.   Dewey  suggested we go to Hoover Dam since he had never been there.

Suddenly thanks to the high grade coffee we had earlier we instantly realized that we now have a plan. We call our lodging  headquarters in Boulder City and secure two rooms for the evening, at the luxurious El Rancho Boulder

The rest was easy. Hop on our bikes and ride the twisty remains of route 66 up to Kingman. Turn onto highway 93,  ride over the new bridge, then turn right for the dam.

Everything goes according to plan until we approach the Dam Security Check Point.

 Boulder Dam Security  Check Point
Right next to the smiling guard is a big sign that says “Please Roll Down Your Window” Non of  us have a window, and I’m thinking that we are going to be turned away, for not obeying the window rule,  and Dewey will never get to see the dam. But the guard just smiles and waves us all through the security checkpoint. Had that guard known that Dewey was going to claim the dam for Canada, and that he would be transferred to Caribou River Provincial Park in Manitoba, he might have done a better job and at least checked to see if our computers were windows machines…

We park and walk from Arizona to Nevada, taking photos along the way. Then walk back to Arizona where we parked so we can  ride to Boulder City Nevada.
 The New Highway Bridge -The River -The Power Lines
Before heading into Boulder Dewey tells us that he has never been to Las Vegas, and he would like to see it since he is so close…We check in to the El Rancho unload the bikes, freshen up and head into Las Vegas.

Chuck leads the way and soon we are on the strip, and Dewey’s eyes are almost as bright as all the lights. Chuck gets us to Fremont street and we find parking in a parking garage. Four bikes in one space but in the end they charge us all a $1.00 to  park there and will not give a discount for exact change…
Parking was the least of our troubles this night because as we are wandering  Fremont street taking in the overhead light show, wearing,  all our biker gear and HOG color’s the Angels find us and want to shake us down for some cash.
Dewey takes charge of the situation, and  he persuades the angels to  leave us alone. Not positive if he  patched out but we did have to wash him  off before dinner…..

Its back to Boulder for a nights rest, and in the morning we meet up for breakfast at the Southwest Diner.
With full bellies, full tanks, and empty bladders we say our goodbyes and Peppermint, Chuck and Dewey head east back to Arizona. I ride  west heading   to San Francisco, and discover that Las Vegas is a long ways from The City, but my bike is running good, and at Bakersfield the orange blossoms smell sweet and I got Buck Owens on the  bikes Hi Fi.

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