Thursday, March 20, 2014

Tire Run

Our stay in Yuma consisted mostly of food.  But also included  a dip in the hot tub. There was a skinny little man with a ball cap, on his head,  and a larger woman in a swim suit top already  in the hot tub as we approached. We learned that the woman had lived in Anchorage. She told us all aboot her time in Spenard at the Penguin trailer court. The skinny fellow we learned was very hairy, and was wearing a speedo like thong. We never saw under his ball cap.

For food  the little diner burger place just up the hill from our rented accommodations had great burgers, fries, and milk shakes that put you over the top.
In the morning the Days Inn toast bar had little round scrambled eggs. They were much bigger than a sliver dollar, but smaller than a dollar size pancake. No ketchup or tobacco was to be had, but the orange juice that came out of a machine that when you put your plastic cup under its spigot and pushed the button,  from deep within it made sounds like it was juicing  real oranges.

It seems that  when you ride motorcycles you ride from dealer to dealer buying T shirts and changing tires, fluids, brake pads… and today is a tire run.

Arrowhead  Harley Davidson is aboot 180 miles  away according to Zumo. I give her the address and she figures out how to get to the shop as we load up. Fuel and its east out of town on interstate 8 for a nonstop run to Arrowhead.

We just get going and have to slow up for a border inspection station. Officers with dogs walk around the vehicles. I tell the fellow his dog is very cool, he just smiles and waves us through, and  he still paid us more attention than when we were entering Florida after being out of the country.
We have to get around a few trucks that are coming up to speed after being stopped and of course all the cars have to jockey for position at 80 + mph. Soon we have our spot with no vehicles around us, and only the occasional car that passes us or a truck we have to pass.

For an interstate this road is actually pretty interesting. There are dairy farms and feed lots. Green pasture land, and the 390 mw solar Agua Caliente Solar Project. We catch the driver’s eye of a west bound Union Pacific train and get a blast from the horn. We have to make a run for the head end of an east bound  graffiti train to get some noise from that driver.

Bike service takes most of the day. It always does. Around 5 the bikes are washed and ready to load. Its south bound out of Phoenix on I 10. It’s combat riding in commuter traffic. Our goal is to make it to Eloy, and hook up with our pal Snohog on Wednesday, but before Casa Grande Peppermint has a check engine light come on and off. We get off the road for the Night in Casa Grande, and get ready for bike drama in the morning…

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  1. OH, bike drama in Casa Grande, that could be interesting. Good luck! And enjoy the really nice weather we're having this week in these here parts. :)