Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Decisions Decisions

We decided to ride out of Boulder City Nevada and head to Yuma Arizona. Neither of us had been to Yuma since 1990 something , when we did the Border to Border ride, Mexico to Canada.  

Heading south out of Boulder City Nevada on highway 93 you ride through desert. Mostly flat desert with lots of rocks and the occasional hill. Not far out of town off to the right are two huge arrays of solar photo voltaic panels.

Nevada Solar Power
Nevada Solar One and Copper Mountain Solar. Solar One is a 64 megawatt plant and Copper Mountain is a 150 megawatt plant. Clean renewable energy just like we could have in Alaska if we tapped the geo thermal resources of the volcanoes of the Alaska Range. Oh well renewable resources are not allowed when your state is run by oil companies…

The rest of the run down to Yuma is desert. Some parts greener than other, some parts hotter, and mostly today all windy. The wind pushed us around a bit, and blew some sand at us. It cut our gas mileage down also.
The wind was so intense that this fellow who was trailering his bike had to fuel it up too. 
 A ways down the desert highway, and off to our starboard side we pass the Army’s desert proving grounds. Not much to prove today. In fact the troops appear at ease.
In Yuma we pull into the Harley Shop.  Jim's with the wood floor, leaky bikes, and smokers in the back is all gone. Bobby’s is all shiny new just like all the dealers are now. The young counter girl I learn is Bobby’s daughter, and Bobby used to work for Jim. Jim passed away a few years after he retired…Besides the dealership history we learn that my rear tire and both Peppermints tires are history. The shop is too backed up to help us. Once again travelers turned away from a dealer...

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