Friday, March 21, 2014

Serious Or Not

We met up with Snohog at the shop in Tucson. The shop checked the codes on Peppermints bike and it was either nothing or something, but the something didn’t sound too serious, and since it was a very nice day, not to hot, not to cold, we decided to ride. It wasn’t long before the check engine light was coming on and off. Since we were already in Sahuarita Snohog said the shop in Sierra Vista was better, so we headed there.
We left the bike at the shop and headed off for lunch with our old friend. Aboot the same time we finished lunch the shop called and the bike was ready to go. Seems a vacuum hose had come loose and was causing the issue.

After the ceremonially shopping at the Harley shop we bid Snohog farewell and we headed to Bisbee.

We wanted to stay at the legendary haunted hotel the Copper Queen. Checking in the guest book had all kinds of tall tales aboot ghosts at the end of hallways, sitting on beds, and of course the laughing and mischievous child ghost who has no name…

Humans with superstition can conjure up all kinds of supernatural occurrences from deities in the sky to humble chain rattling ghosts. The real sprits at the Copper Queen, I saw them…

Altar to alcoholism The Copper Queen
Bisbee is a great little town to wander around. The town has some great food, like the screaming banshee pizza, and the shamrock dairy ice cream is some of the best I have had in Arizona.

The museum is all aboot mining, because that is what put Bisbee on the map, and the Queen Mine is all aboot touring these days as it is no longer a working mine.

These fellows decked us out in reflective vests, hard hats, leather belts, and miner’s lights. After all that suiting up we went outside and got on a little train that took us into the mine.

Deep Inside The Copper Queen Mine

Both our guided were very knowledgeable, and had worked as miners. It looks like very hard work, and we wanted no part of that, so it was back on the little train to the surface and back to the bikes for the run to Tombstone....


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