Sunday, February 2, 2014

Under The Cover Of Darkness

I left Alaska the other night under the cover of darkness. I had hoped the plane would be full, and I wasn’t disappointed. And as a bonus the plane had several small humans on board. They screamed, they yelled, they shit their pants.  Turd chucking monkeys swinging from the overhead bins could not have added to the serenity of that red eye flight.

 The Monkeys
The flight from Seattle was somewhat nicer. The screaming tiny humans were not on board. Most of the middle seats, including the one in my row were empty, and the plane was an older 737-700. It still had the original seats, that compared with the new seats felt luxurious.
Air travel sure isn’t what it used to be.

One of the reasons I like to be here in California this time of year is because all the hills are green. Not so much this year. Saturday I took a ride with the San Jose HOGS over the coast range. Our destination was Phil’s in Moss Landing. Our route took us on mainly two lane roads, and we passed several of the south bay’s water reservoirs.
One of the Reservoirs We Passed Saturday
These reservoirs are dry or very near dry. Warming the Arctic, and moving the jet stream is going to devastate agriculture here, and Californians know that. They know climate change is not going to be pretty. The talk is all aboot conservation, and rationing. Meanwhile the population continues to grow, cars, trucks, and gas power plants spew out tons of carbon every day, but if you are on a bike you can split the lane and not have to wait in the almost eternal traffic jam.

Ivy Growing Through The Fence


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