Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sun Glasses

A Mid-Winter Review

Winter here in the north started out like it always does with snow. It seemed like the snow was a little late getting here, as we were still riding around on two wheels up till the 14 of November.  But when the snow got here it brought all the wonders of winter, snow blowing the driveway, the below 0 temperatures
I have a big driveway & it snowed a lot in December
And then a week or so ago it just warmed up. We had temperatures as high as 48f. All the snow slowly started turning to ice, then puddles on ice, and now just ice on parking lots and shaded areas.

The tvee weather talking heads all started calling this warm weather “Weird”
Saying the weather is weird, I guess is easier than saying…When you warm up the Arctic  it causes the jet stream to flow where it usually doesn’t go in January, and that is what brings warm air and rain to Alaska in January.
 Nothing weird aboot science.

It’s weird that we do not use science much here in Alaska. We don’t use it to sustain moose, bear and caribou populations. We just blame the decline in animal’s on wolfs, then hunt the wolfs from the air.
Instead of using science, and some our saved up oil wealth to harness the carbon free geothermal and tidal energy we have, we give enormous tax breaks to the wealthiest corporations on the planet, in hopes of pumping more oil out of the ground.

Our oil company employee/governor, the one who gave the oil companies huge tax breaks, proposed in his state of the state speech to cut funding for public education, but to make up the loss by providing vouchers for private schools. (thank you alec) Who needs science when you can splain everything with creationism.  Oh and let’s not forget the coal strip mines in salmon streams or the pebble mine that our t bag oil company employee/governor supports.

Yes the future looks so bright here in the north that you will have to wear shades.

 Me I’m on the road starting tonight. Heading for starters to California where the warmer arctic is causing a drought of epic proportions. Oh well I never did like to ride in the rain.  

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