Thursday, February 6, 2014

Camera Obscura

 Several months ago in the National Geographic Society’s magazine photographer Abelardo Morell did a article about a Camera Obscura, he built into a tent, then packed around and photographed landmarks projected onto the ground or walls. The images were…interesting.
Years ago in The City, at Playland at the Beach there was a Camera Obscura with a rotating lens that projected onto a parabolic polished metal surface.
Playland was torn down in 1972 but the Camera Obscura was saved and moved to The Cliff House.

Black and White Image of The Camera Obscura at The Cliff House

I did not know what to expect. The price of admission was a whopping $2.00, and since the senior cut off was at 65 I had to pay full price. The man at the door took my money and explained the operation of the camera obscura. Only the lens on top rotates He said, and since it was sunny I would be in for a treat. Into the darkened chamber he led me…
What I saw was wonderful, like a moving painting…
Seal Rock as Seen By The Camera Obscura
 Looking south down Ocean Beach where playland and the camera obscura used to be before being moved. Fantastic images, well worth the $2.00. The motorcycle ride to The City was fun with Zumo trickster gps leading the way... Oh and the parking was free.

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