Friday, February 14, 2014

Fifty Cents

All modern digital cameras, mine included have a computer chip with part of  Ansel Adams brain embedded in it. Being here in the Bay Area, Adams birthplace I decided to do some shooting in black and white, and actually use some of the buttons and manual settings on this Cannon.

Modern items that were not around when cameras only took black and white photos, I thought would be fun to shoot…
Fisherman’s Wharf was yesterday’s mission. In San Francisco great shots are everywhere. You could go to the city every day and shoot something different…
The Wharf has lots of good restaurants we picked Fog Harbor Fish House high above pier 39, and I had to shift back to color.

The food and service were excellent.

After lunch we checked out The Musee D Mecanique. This museum houses antique arcade games, that you can still play. Of course back in the day the machine’s only took a nickel, now it’s at least a quarter and most are fifty cents. Most of the machines and displays were from San Francisco’s Play Land At The Beach. It was great fun to play, and here the old arcade games.

It wasn't long before we had to get back on our bikes and head south...

Saturday Peppermint and I head further south to ride the Island Princess through the Panama Canal

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