Monday, February 17, 2014


As the sun came up and the fog burned off Peppermint and I headed for the San Francisco Airport. We are bound for Los Angles LAX and the Island Princess. We were loaded into an American Airlines sky carriage. The short flight was smooth enough. We were treated to tiny cups of water. The passenger across the aisle from me ordered orange juice. It came in a tiny sealed plastic cup, that he reported as frozen. After landing the taxing to the terminal seemed to take almost as long as the flight from San Francisco. No treats were offered for the ground portion of our journey.

Princess agents were waiting for us in the airport baggage area, with signs, and carts for our cases, that they whisked off to the ship in a white van. Shortly after our luggage left we boarded a bus for the journey to San Pedro where our ship the Island Princess awaited.
The bus trip was also smooth until we pulled over in a seedy part of LA for a mandatory life jacket

Our bus took us to the port of Los Angles at San Pedro where several cargo ships were docked along with two Princess ships. The Sapphire bound for Mexico and our Island Princess bound for Panama.

Port Of Los Angles

We were led into a huge terminal waiting area where our passports were checked. Our boarding passes were checked. We were checked by a metal detector for any excess metal, and then before we could board we were handed a small white piece of paper with two yes or no questions.

1.Do you have or have you had in the past few days diarrhea?
2. Have you vomited in the past few days?
I answered no to both questions and was allowed to board.
We got underway right on schedule, and headed out to sea…
Everything on board in quite elegant

Tea on the Ship

And there is lots to do
Here men compete in the champagne glass stacking completion.

Yes life at sea is good





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  1. If they do the towel folding class, I recommend taking it. You never know when folding a towel to look like an elephant will come in handy.