Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Ship Of Food

We have been sailing south off the coast of Mexico for days now. Our carbon foot print is enormous.  Huge plumes of diesel soot and smoke spew from our ships smoke stack, at times obscuring the view aft, but no one seems to pay it any mind. Defiant is the ocean to the pressure from humans. It still is taking in carbon and emitting oxygen.
Bowhead wales have been sounding off our starboard side yesterday, and today.  We had a front row seat from our balcony.

This morning from the gym we could see the tip of the Baja Peninsula. Small boats from Cabo San Lucas were heading our way. I thought certain they were pirates, out to hijack our ship, but they must have humble drug smuggler as they motored north once in international waters.

The seas have been calm my friend. Flat water with wavelets and 1 foot swells. Flat water is best, and makes it easier to sit at the table and eat.
Even though we exercise, take photos, go to seminars, listen to live music, enjoy the sound of the sea caressing our ship, and talk to everyone, the main activity here on board is eating.

 Granny Smith & Cider Soup

The food is good, the kitchens do a wonderful job of creating tasty dishes, and now its time to eat again…

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