Thursday, January 16, 2014

Cunning Stunt

Now a days here in amerika if you need to say, get tax breaks for the wealthy, and tax loop holes for corporations. If you need to defund public education, remove workers’ rights, impede unions from bargaining, obstruct elections, to make sure only the right people vote, stand in the way of health care reform, and outright block women’s access to birth control and abortion, well you need a t bag republican to do it, and nationwide they have been doing a dam good job of working for corporations, and the elimination of the working middle class.
Here in the north the baggers haven’t exactly been slacking.

Petitions from regular Alaska’s on the west side of Cook Inlet filed to protect salmon streams from coal strip mining just sort of disappeared from the state agency responsible for hearing citizens concerns. The vote to repel  our mayor’s anti-union labor imitative keeps getting moved from the April ballot to November or who knows when?

 But my all-time favorite, I work for the corporations instead of the people of Alaska has to be our governor. Last year he proposed giving the wealthiest corporations on the planet. The oil companies a billion or two dollars in tax breaks. All the baggers in the state house and senate pushed the tax break through, and now the wealthiest corporations on the planet are using money that could have funded schools, roads, public safety… to fight the ballot initiative that will remove the giveaway.
Actual Print Add Paid For By A Huge Tax Break
Its a brilliant plan, and once we finish  corporatizing the government Instead of nationalizing the corporations, we can have lots more media adds for public policy that only benefits corporations.

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