Monday, November 11, 2013

The Ornament Run

Before the first snow of the season, under the cover of darkness, and after midnight we boarded a jet bound for Spokane Washington.
We were packing Ornaments, three suitcases full of Christmas ornaments, and a lamp.

Our flight out of Anchorage was delayed for deicing, headwinds slowed us down, and arriving at Seattle we had to wait for another aircraft to pull out of our gate. We had 15 minutes to make our connection to Spokane, we made it but the suitcases full of precious family holiday heirlooms and the lamp did not.
No Bags To Be Found On This Carousel
The nice woman in the baggage office already had a message aboot the missing suitcases and said they would be on the next plane into town, they were and soon we had collected our cargo.
Upon inspection nothing appeared to have broken, but the bags bore witness to a TSA inspection.

Being inspected by the TSA makes me wonder if my name hasn’t been passed on to some other government agency and now besides being listed as pure of heart mostly now I am listed as a Christmas ornament trafficker.

Trones and her Brother cuffed up.

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