Monday, October 21, 2013

The End Of October

All month here in the north it has been trying to become the season of the north Winter!
So far winter hasn't arrived. Oh its been chilly its rained, and the wind has blown at hurricane force several times this month. The wind in spite of cutting off power to my neighborhood for a few hours the other night, have blown all the leaves away.

Its the 21 of October and we rode motorcycles today. not far, but Peppermint, Birdie, and I rode around town and down the arm. Before the 4 lane becomes the 2 lane at Potter a big white pick up truck passes us all on the right.

Further on down the road the big white pick up got behind 5 slower vehicles. Never even exceeding the speed limit by much we passed them all. All that needed passing.

Passed and Left For Nature To Tend To.
The light or the lack of it. What is better?

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