Wednesday, November 13, 2013


This fall in Anchorage we had some strong winds. In some parts of town the winds were hurricane force. All manner of items were blown away. Trash can lids, outdoor grill covers, patio furniture, even  bad ideas from regressive republicans,  on how to break unions and destroy what is left of the middle class were blown away. Wait just the patio furniture and grill covers were blown away. Bad ideas still have a life in Alaska.
The leaves were gone. Not just blown over to the neighbor’s yard where you wouldn’t have to deal with them but gone! Stripped off the trees gone, put the mulcher up for another year gone.

I hadn’t even though aboot leaves until the other day when we went to Coeur d Alene Idaho. It is fall here, the trees are large and that means lots of leaves.
Everywhere we looked people and machines were moving leaves into huge piles that reminded me of snow that has been plowed up along the road.
If the leaves get composted or just tossed into the land fill I do not know, but it makes me glad that my leaves just blew away.

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