Sunday, November 17, 2013


The sky carriage that will take us back home to Anchorage has arrived at the gate we are waiting at here in Seattle.  No one getting off the jet appears overjoyed to be here. Perhaps it’s the rigors of riding in the sky carriage, for hours, from where ever it came from or maybe it’s the end of these passengers’ journeys. Back to work and responsibilities for these de planers or could it be that the Boeing 737 800 is the most uncomfortable plane in the sky?

We rode in a plane with propellers between Seattle and Spokane, A Bombardier Q400. Generally I do not like small planes but the ride was  very pleasant, the propellers make cool sounds, we were treated to free dark beer from Kona brewers on our way into  Seattle, the seats compared to the ones in the Boeing were luxurious, and the plane was made by De Havilland, legendary builders of rugged bush aircraft.

De Havilland Q400 It Evolved From Otters & Beavers 
Traveling is what everyone should do. New people, new places, It gets you out, opens your mind, its fun! But the process of getting there at least on airplanes has evolved into a unpleasant, cutthroat commercial enterprise that treats humans like cattle on the way to the meat packers.
Evolution like Gravity is Reality
North bound I figured out how Alaska air could make more money and make us riders feel even more like cattle (note to airline industry I have copyrighted this idea so if you use it I get first class for life)
Subway trains have rails you can hold onto. Why not a rail in a 737. Passengers could just hang on for the duration of the flight, and  the standing passengers would not have to handle the other passengers that were in mosh pit class that the seated passengers have to pass forward to aft.

My next ride on a Boeing will be to escape winter...Hope the rail is installed by then... 


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