Thursday, October 17, 2013

For The Wealthy By The Weathy

I have said it before that Alaska is a Pathetic red state, and nothing is quite so pathetic as this.

Across from Anchorage on the west side of Cook Inlet, is rural Alaska. It's not connected to the road system. Air or sea is the only way to get there. It is sparsely populated, and it is teeming with resources.

Nifty Map Swiped From The Daily News. Thank You Daily News!
Oil, natural gas, and coal all are just west of town, and so are salmon.
Wild natural Alaska sustainable salmon that have spawned in wild natural Alaskan fresh water, since there were wild salmon.
For years major coal mining has been talked about, and studied at various sites, across the Inlet, and the latest and perhaps one of the most frightening is Chuitna Coal Project. PacRim Coal Limited Partnership, affiliated with Dallas 1%  William Herbert Hunt,
herbert wants to remove Middle Creek. It's in the way of the coal, anyway, and basically replace a natural salmon stream with a strip mine. Sure everywhere else on the planet where strip mines are or have been,  the natural habitat has been destroyed but this time that won't happen...Right!
Replacing a salmon stream with a strip mine is a bad enough idea but this gets even worse.
In 2009 a citizens group The Chuitna Citizens Coalition filed water rights applications with the State Dept. Of Natural Resources (DNR)  to keep Middle Creek flowing, and natural.
What did the DNR do? Nothing. A state agency constitutionally charged with protecting the resources of Alaska, for Alaska's people did Nothing!  The DNR run by conservative republicans who pledge  on and on about upholding the law, violated the law!
Seams the Chuitna Citizens Coalition sued the State of Alaska over non action on their clams and won the day in court.
Anchorage Superior Court Judge Mark Rindner ruled that the parnell administration failed to follow state law when it neglected water rights applications by a group seeking to protect a Cook Inlet salmon stream.
Interesting that the state DNR was run by a Mr. dansullivan not the same sleaze bag mayor of Anchorage dansullivan but another one. And this dansullivan just resigned his position so he could run for our senate seat currently held by Mark Begich.
Also interesting that the Speaker of the US house of Representatives came to town earlier this year  to help with a fund raiser for this very  dansullivan.

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Wild Alaskan Coho (red) Salmon- Quartz Creek Alaska Summer 2013
Alaskans quit voting for these people. Quit voting for republicans. They work for the rich. Not you!
Change your voter registration to non party, get the republican/regressive ballot in the Primary election and vote for the most extreme, wacko on the republican ticket, forcing the wacko to run in the General election against a moderate.
Vote these regressives out of office or we are FLIPPEN doomed!

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