Thursday, May 2, 2013

Our Ship Comes In

And after the wars are over And the body count is finally filed
I hope that man discovers What's driving the people wild
Graham Nash Military Madness
We love the military here in the north. In Anchorage  we have the Air Force and Army right at the edge of town.  Fairbanks too has big Air Force and Army Bases. Delta Junction has missiles in underground silos. I do not know where they are pointed but suspect its countries  that have socialized single payer government controlled health care.
And now we again, have a Navy ship named for our fair city. The U.S.S. Anchorage.
The motorcycle club got to go on an exclusive pre public inspection, yesterday evening.
Young men and women dressed in spiffy sailor suits led us around the ship showing off what is on board.
The Officers mess. We did not get to go in there.
This young man’s navy job is up on the bridge with the drivers, he splained all aboot driving the ship, and I was assured that what ever that is behind him is not some sort of secret Navy thing that the world is not allowed to see.  

The ship has all the latest’s tanks, hovercraft…all the stuff you need to engage the enemy anywhere on the planet.

The other plane is an Air Force Transport plane lining up to land at joint base JBAR.
The ship cost they say $1.3 Billion, and uses aboot 33,000. Gallons of diesel fuel a day. Not green at all.
That 1 billion dollars meant good paying jobs for I hope for  a lot of union workers.
 But Eisenhower was right.  

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