Friday, April 19, 2013

Smell The Stables

People keep horses just a few blocks away from my home, and every year when the temperature climbs way up above freezing you can get a nostril full of barnyard. This year temperatures only got up to 34 degrees, not much above freezing, and boy howdy the aroma of horse shit was in the air.

I mistakenly thought the stables were the cause of all that foul air. I soon learned the source of the stink was coming all the way from our state capitol in Juneau.
What smelled so bad, that it covered the entire state in an odor that makes road kill skunk smell good, was that the oil company employees that alaskans elected to the governor’s office, the state house, and state senate were finally able to conclude the legislative session on time! and pass sb 21 giving the wealthiest corporations on the planet a 5, 6, perhaps 7 or 8 BILLION dollar tax break.  
Already on the tvee alaskans are reaping the benefit of those tax breaks, just last night I saw a very professional    tvee add saying how much conoco phillips likes being here.
Too bad we couldn’t collectively invest 2 billion dollars of the people’s money and develop carbon free geothermal power generation from the volcano’s to the west of anchorage. But then that idea is not regressive at all.  

The smell out of DC was pretty bad this week too. Both our senators voted against background checks for gun ownership. The oil industry may own our state government but the nra owns the federal government.

They finally convinced me to get a gun. It was soooo easy. I just went to the store and picked one out. Got lots of ammo to go with it, and let me tell you gun owners are correct it is a joy to shoot, almost orgasmic, and large magazines are where it is at. I shot all day and only had to reload once.
What kind of weapon did I get?
That’s right this Milwaukee is defending my home against the winter winds, and if you outdraw me with your glock or 44, you will not get away because I will get some of the most nasty stickiest goo on you, and the cops will be able to spot you from a mile away…

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