Monday, May 13, 2013

No Pizza For Us

The nice day was Friday with temperatures up in the 60’s. Our run to Homer was on Saturday and the weather forecast was for cloudy skies and showers. Well that is what we do, ride in the rain.
Everyone met at the train at the designated  time, and off we went south down Turnagain Arm.

The traffic was slow, a couple of pickups towing enormous boats and a couple of motor homes in full spring plumage

Spring Motor Home Drivers

The road painting construction at the three lane made us wait for a few moments, and we were way back in the line.  By  the time we got to a place where I could get us around the last derelict pickup truck spewing noxious gas I knew the pass  would be tight. The truck seeing all our bikes slowed way down and even pulled over to the shoulder so as to not only be spewing us with noxious gas, but blasting us with tiny pebbles  left over from winter.
Everyone made it but our sweep. 

A state trooper from somewhere in a unmarked trooper car pulled him over and cited him for un safe passing. We all pulled into one of the scenic pull offs,  and waited for our sweep, thinking that the trooper would  follow him to us, and site us  all for some heinous  violation of traffic law. We figured that the only thing that would save us from being sited was to take off our hermit’s so when the officer arrived upon seeing all of our gray hair he would feel bad aboot handing out tickets to so many senior citizens.
It worked, The trooper didn’t even pull in. He just drove by on the highway, slowly giving us the cop eye. He  knew he would need back up to deal with us.

The rest of the ride to the shop in slowdoltna was well legal, mostly.

We knew that the shop would be serving free food! For its open house, and we knew they wouldn’t run out, well at least until the retired owner who was riding with us got something to eat, but we were expecting something better than a hot dog.

On the up side you could have more than one.

You do not need many reasons to ride to Homer. It’s a great little hamlet at the end of the road. I have friends here, it is the shorebird festival this weekend, and the local pizza place Starving Marvin’s has never disappointed us…Well until today. Sarah  from the Anchorage shop who is riding with us this weekend is from Homer. Her parents and siblings live here, all 10 of them. We called Marvin’s and reserved a place for 21 people. When we arrived Sarah's family was already seated, and when we walked into the dining room the hostess greeted us with “I have a sign that says please wait to be seated” Ok next she was delivering a pizza to another patron and we were blocking her way talking. Instead of a pardon me we got “GET OUT OF MY WAY!” When we finally got seated she informed us that there would be a room charge of $75.00 on top of our food and gratuity. As we were leaving she said that Sarah's  parents and family were ok and they could stay. We all walked out. 21 people, and found another establishment that treated us all well even though we wore leather, and  rode motorcycles.

The ride home on Sunday was foggy involved re-inventing a broken Triumph break lever, and was all legal except for when it wasn’t.
Get Out Of My Way!

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