Monday, May 20, 2013

Dance Spangles

As spring turns to summer in most places, here in the north winter is lingering longer than an ornery house guest who has outstayed their welcome.
We set a record on Friday for the longest snow season on record 232 days of snow on the ground. The old record was from the winter of 1981-82 and was a mere 230 days. On Friday we set a new record for the lowest maximum temperature on that day…37 degrees.

The sky has been gray and cloudy for weeks, the regressives are standing on one foot then the other proclaiming climate change is a huge liberal hoax. Carbon levels in the atmosphere reach an all-time high, as the air force jets climb straight up into the sky. Fire training at the airport sends thick black smoke from hundreds of gallons of diesel fuel into the air, and no one pays it any mind.

Saturday night the clouds were parting but it was a shock to wake up and see bright blue sky. It was only 27 degrees riding to koffee but by the time I met Peppermint and Loud Pipes around noon it must have been a whopping 36.

We were riding to Talkeetna. The highest mountain in north amerika. Mount McKinley was giving us a good view of her flanks…
The peak was hidden by a massive cloud. The weather must have been terrible for the climbers trying summit. I hope they stayed alive.
The tourists from cruise ships were in town. The sun was shining and we found  historic spangles
 in the local museum.

Borax crystals that you can toss on any floor and dance the night away. Now that is a product  that can do some good.

Dance More! Bark Less!

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