Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Goat Ropers

When I left home in early February todays municipal election was really not on my mind. Sure a couple of my t bag neighbors had already put up campaign signs for their guy, andy clary but getting down the Alcan and leaving winter behind was my focus.

Besides I knew things were going to get worse in Alaska, what with all t bag regressives in charge in Juneau, the billion dollar gift to the wealthiest corporations on the planet was all but a done deal. I held out hope that in Anchorage our t bag mayor wouldn’t be able to pass his anti-union rules, but all the while I knew that we would not prevail.

Sometime in March a good friend sent me a text message. “Did you arrange to vote on April 2?”

Opps I had not! I called the municipal clerk and arraigned to vote by mail. When the application hadn’t arrived before Huckleberry and I took off in Impala I was dismayed. I downloaded the application in Monterey, printed it and was ready to send it back when I discovered it had to be filed before March 26. I was not going to get to vote and that flipping anti-union t bag andy clary would win the election by one vote.
The application that had arrived here three days after the deadline was on the top of my papers. Maybe I could vote by fax. I don’t have a fax machine, but my sister works in an office I bet she has one.
Another call to the clerk’s office…The first voice wasn’t sure aboot anything, but the next voice was, took my number and said I would get a call. Sure enough as I was leaving and had just put on my hemit the phone rang. It is hard to talk on the phone wearing a hemit, but it is safer.

The fax vote was arraigned. The ballot and instructions came right out of a official city of San Francisco fax machine, and my vote went back via that same fax machine.

I hope, andy you lose by more than my one vote, and if all you have to do today is drive to your polling place and cast a vote I suggest you cast it for candidates that support unions and workers…otherwise Alaska workers you are going to have aboot as many workplace benefits as these workers….
Workers Clearing Brush & Grass For The San Francisco Water Dept.

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