Thursday, April 4, 2013


Just Got out of SFO ahead of Air Force 1. Obama is spending some time in the City, filling up his jet with cash.

No planes move at SFO when Air Force 1 enters its airspace. Not being delayed by the president is another reason to be liberal and pure of heart mostly. Not riding in cattle on this flight home is another reason to be liberal and pure of heart mostly.
O Thanks for the Photo
Laying over in Seattle for a couple of hours I was killing time wandering around the terminal.

It dawned on me that I was unarmed. I had no gun. No knife. No ammo. No way to make a bomb. Just my smile and hands to defend myself from a bad guy with a gun.
On this side of security no one has a gun except the police, and no one has been murdered by a gun on this side of security. Sorry nra you can take away all the guns and end the violence.

Seattle Airport Food Court
Can’t say the same for the outside of the airport. On the outside of the airport nra bought and paid for legislators just can’t seem to do anything aboot licensing or background checks for gun ownership. Can’t pass laws to prohibit assault weapons, can’t do anything aboot handguns that carry magazines with 50 or so bullets.

 Back in 1968 Dr. Martin Luther King was murdered by a gun today. A man of peace just gunned down because an ignorant raciest fool could fire a gun.
I wonder how many names you could add to the list of humans murdered by guns since 4/4/1968. How many times could you wrap the list around the planet? Would it stretch all the way to the moon?

Good job nra your plan of endless violence is working out real good. Well unless it touches you…

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