Saturday, March 30, 2013


We woke up in the coastal community of Monterey this morning. It was aboot as far away as we could get from the embarrassing raciest remarks of our 22 term representative to the United States Congress don young. How fortunate Alaskans are to live in a state that sets the bar ever lower in the race to the bottom.

 It was a wonderful evening spent on Cannery Row checking out the views and beverages. At one establishment with large glass panels to block the wind coming off the bay, and outside propane heaters to warm the surroundings I ordered shrimp cocktail.  Our server said she had to warn me that the cocktail only came with two shrimp.
Two Costco shrimp some tartar sauce on a large plate, is what she brought to our table. We ordered some other goodies, and when she brought them she informed us she was going on break, and John would take care of us. John came out and asked how we were doing, we asked for some more bread, and it was a very long time before he returned without any.  Watching Monterey bay made up for the lack of service.
We thought aboot going to the Monterey bay Aquarium but after some coffee we discover legions of breeders with their broods in tow, all heading to the Aquarium. We opted for the bay, and the opportunity to shoot another light house.

Point Monterey Light

We discovered lots of rocks. I thought Tide pools might be out on those rocks. The water was so clear. The air was so warm, and other people were way out on those rocks, that I forgot all the rules aboot walking out into the ocean on rocks.
The Incoming Tide Would Submerge This Part Of The Trail
Rule number 1. Know your tides! Rule 2. Wear you’re short pants into the sea, not your trousers. #3. Have sea shoes, and avoid tracking the beach into Impala. #4 Forget all the rules and just go for it.
Oyster Catcher out on the rocks watching all the action

Yes the tide was incoming, and the rocks submerged for our return to land. It was actually easier, and lots more fun to just walk in the waves. But as I discovered later walking around Pacific Grove wet shoes are heavy.
All in all we saw Seals, whales, dolphins, deer, birds and finally fields of artichokes. It’s all aboot eating our way up the coast of California.

Fields of Artichokes grow along the California Coast

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