Sunday, March 10, 2013

Working Well

Crow wakes me up most mornings here. Setting our clocks ahead was of no concern to Crow. He was awake and making sure everything else was awake too, right on schedule.

In a flash of blue, California Scrub Jay popped  in the other morning, perhaps lured by the aroma of my last  Kaladi Brothers Koffee.

The peaceful back yard here in the  Bay Area is surrounded by a city of almost  8 million humans.  Its California so most are liberal, and we  only pack science and reason. Some with just reason pack loads of superstation, but still believe in workers, and human rights

Others that believe in drugs , violence, and stealing, they are heavily armed, and  are killing each  other with guns every day and every night.  The tvee news reports on   the murders a couple of times a day. Some reports even have film crews, filming the flashing lights of police cars, and the just  dead being loaded up and carted away. The NRA plan of ever escalating  gun ownership/ gun violence is working well here in the bay and the NRA should be proud!
One fellow who really took the personal arms race to heart was Jacques Littlefield. Just having a few loaded hand guns laying around the house, for personal defense against the ever present mental ill person with a loaded weapon, wasn’t  enough for Jacques. He needed more firepower. More firepower than anyone. So Jacques started  collected tanks, and rocket launchers, and even scud missiles.

Jacques raised  the personal arms race to new heights. Heights that most of us could never even imagine, and even though  he is gone his  foundation lives on.

Wonder what they do for Tanksgiving?

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