Friday, March 15, 2013

California Gold

We are fortunate in the north to have the public broadcasters that we do. We have NOVA, Frontline, Nature, Independent lens. KQED has none of that. They have news hour, but then its hours of Great Performances, with singing and operas. Oh vey. The radio end is a little better. Talk of the Nation and Terry Gross. I can live with that.

One show on KCSM that I have watched is California Gold The host who has a voice like Ned Flanders and David Sam travels around the state checking stuff out. Vernal Pools in the Sacramento Delta. The Zamboni plant in Southern California. Who Knew Zamboni’s were invented and are still made in Southern Cal? Last night he was on the north coast, and that was good enough reason to launch on a weekend and head north to the Redwoods…

To get out of here you have to wait for the traffic to settle. Let the commuters get where they are going. Still 19th avenue in the city is always backed up. Working the big bike between the stalled conveyer belt of cars. It’s Sloat Street. Vicente, I can see the towers of the bridge ahead. Tarval, through the park, over the bridge, and through the rainbow tunnel. North bound 101.
Gas in Petaluma then its west bound to highway 1.

Parts of highway 1 are floorboard dragging twisty and other parts are up down, and around. Traffic is light. The one of two cars I got behind pulled over in the very first pull out. The Scenery is spectacular. It’s the California coast.

Point Arena Light in Black and White Just Felt Right

Fort Bragg is where I want to end up. I want to see glass beach.
Glass beach is so named because up until 1967 residents of Fort Bragg just went out to the end of the road with all their garbage, and threw it over the cliff into the Pacific Ocean. Seemed like a good idea at the time, but fortunately   California has neutered almost all republicans, and even cleaned up some of the beach. The glass remains tumbled by the waves…

Glass and Rocks. Glass Beach Fort Bragg
It's a busy weekend here in the Fort. It's Whale Festival. Who Knew. I just hope that if they are serving mucktuck they serve it with mustard, other wise it won't taste like a hot dog...

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